About Us

Our History

For more than 50 years, ICL has been committed to providing our clients with a high-value, low-cost, test and logistical consolidated service. Established in 1967 to coordinate patient testing, ICL operates as a Not-for-Profit, Canadian corporation that is dedicated to ensuring client access to both a national and international laboratory test referral network.

ICL’s mandate continues to be based on the guiding principles:

  • Every hospital laboratory has cost pressures and therefore, cannot perform every type of test;
  • Hospitals and medical practitioners need responsive referral laboratories, allowing them to quickly diagnose and monitor their patients;
  • All healthcare institutions and practitioners require cost-effective, timely and detailed laboratory report information.

ICL simplifies the practice of ordering tests, routing and tracking samples, and providing results through each of our three distinct services, using our laboratory information and network systems. ICL’s clients benefit from immediate access to a wide spectrum of tests performed by accredited laboratories along with a consolidated billing process.

Our Expertise

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Referral Testing

ICL sources and directs our client test requests through a sophisticated and complex laboratory referral network, that reaches across Canada and internationally. Referral laboratories are selected based on their licence and accreditation status; high-quality clinical and scientific service; technical capacity; service turnaround times; technology; methodology; and cost.

Logistics Management

ICL manages the logistics involved in laboratory referral testing including packaging, kit and supply ordering, clinical and analytical interpretation and a simplified billing process. Our unified packaging system meets the requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations and provides our clients a simple, secure, stable method for specimen transport.

Technology Solutions

ICL through our Information and Technology department supports order entry and results reporting through computer interfaces; auto-fax; direct-print; secure email and a results portal. We work with our clients to design, build, and support the most cost-effective interface between laboratory information systems, while adhering to strict privacy and security guidelines to protect private health information.

Client Care

ICL provides a dedicated Client Care team, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST, to assist with answering questions regarding test availability; order and result status; handling of STAT or priority requests; booking bloodwork appointments; and arranging consultation and interpretation of results.

Licence and Accreditation

ICL is licensed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to own and operate a medical laboratory in Ontario. We are also accredited by the Institute of Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) and hold the 15189 PlusTM certificate. Our referral laboratories are also licensed and accredited. Should you require ICL to complete a Referral Laboratory Qualification form for your laboratory accreditation, please submit your request and form to info@iclabs.ca.
Click the logo below for a downloadable copy of the licence and accreditation certificate.

Message from the CEO

This is an exciting time for In-Common Laboratories.  We are growing and doing so to better serve our client and supplier laboratories, making ICL the premier choice for laboratory referral testing.  We are always working towards service improvement as we know that laboratory test results comprise a significant portion of the diagnostic information on a patient’s chart.

Moving forward, ICL will remain true to our mission and to our values as we explore innovative ways of ensuring our clients, suppliers and all stakeholders receive the best in laboratory medicine.  We offer excellence in customer service; we strive to have a live voice when you call; and we respond to emails as promptly as possible.

We are grateful for the many clients and suppliers ICL has on board and will continue to grow our network as Canada’s only not-for-profit referral laboratory.  We are happy to have you with us!

Isaac Gould CEO, In-Common Laboratories

Corporate Contacts

Shams Akhundova

HR Generalist, Board Secretary

David Robertson

Vice President, Corporate Services

Carolyn Skimson

Board Chair

Laurie Sweeting

Director of Laboratory Operations, Quality Manager

Shashank Tilak

Laboratory & Scientific Director, Privacy Officer